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US tariffs on aluminum hit local breweries hard

The U.S. imposed ten per cent tariff on aluminum could end up costing you more to buy beer. The fees slapped on Canada back in early July are making cans more expensive and forcing companies that rely on them for packaging to consider price increases and other ways to offset the costs. Locally, Chris Thompson from Whitewater Brewery says the additional tax hits them directly as the majority of their sales are from cans.


Brewmaster at Cartwright Springs Brewery out of Pakenham, Andre Rieux says these tariffs add to an already expensive process for his small operation.


Another major factor that not a lot of businesses are talking about is the high demand for aluminum cans. Thompson from Whitewater says there is such a shortage that they are still waiting to hear from their supplier when they will get a shipment that was supposed to be delivered in July. He says companies placed years worth of product orders before the tariffs came into effect, which has caused a major shortage in supply.